VidiForex provides forex market data analysis services. The services are available in several forms: technical analysis, trading system development, and trading signal services. The following is the detail of the services:

  • Technical analysis for forex market data, is available both for free and paid service. Free technical analysis service is presented as open analysis publications in this website, and paid services will be implemented as closed analysis publications in subscribed member area (pages) of the website.
  • Trading system development, is available for private and institutional clients only. This service covers many steps in a trading system development cycles: requirement/problem analysis, trading system modeling, implementation, testing, simulation, walk-forward analysis and optimization (genetic algorithm based), and real-time trading execution with autonomous adaptation.
  • Forex trading signal, is available for both free and paid service. The free signal service will be presented in two forms: free signal publication (in web page presentation form) and platform-specific free trading signal subscription (MetaTrader platform is currently under development). The paid service will be equivalent with the free one, but will be available with more models of sophisticated and optimized trading system (expert advisor/trading robots).

VidiForex employs trading system modeling technology provided by TrendMathâ„¢, which consist of analysis and trading system modeler, trading simulator, genetic-algorithm optimizer, and walk-forward analyzer for historical optimization and and real-time adaptation.